All-Russian field day

date: 2017-07-11

From 5 to 7 July in the Republic of Tatarstan on the experimental fields of the Tatar research Institute of agriculture (Tatniiskh) held the innovative agriculture technology forum "all-Russian field day in 2017". The exhibition was attended by more than 340 companies from different regions of the country and also from abroad.

FSUE "Omsk experimental plant" took an active part in this event. Plant presented new products: the seed Sower module-3600M and planter selection of SSN-7 cultivator "Stepnyak -7,4" straw chopper "Tornado" and the deep tiller RN-4M Atlant

The exposition of the plant aroused great interest among visitors of the exhibition. The results of the work were concluded a preliminary agreement for the supply of equipment to the Republic of Tatarstan and other regions.

The results of the competition held by Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation in the nomination "the Best technique for breeding and seed production" took first place plot seeder SS-11 alpha. For the Federal state unitary enterprise "Omsk experimental plant" was awarded a gold medal and diploma.