Development of Omsk Experimental plant

In the 1960-s in the USSR there began a new stage of agricultural industrialization based on zone principles of development.
In 1960 under the mechanization department of Siberian Agricultural Research and Development Institute there was established a design group, which became a forerunner of Experimental Design Bureau. The first design engineer was V.A. Domrachev. In 1961 K.S. Shapovalov was appointed Head of R&D department. In 1965 by order of the Minister of Agriculture of the USSR there was organized the Experimental Design Bureau (EDB) of Siberian Agricultural Research and Development Institute «...with the purpose of development and experimental testing of brand new working elements of agricultural machinery on the basis of high technology of mechanized works in agriculture of Western Siberia and Northern Kazakhstan», headed by Phd in Technical Science N.V. Krasnoschyokov.

The company premises were constructed, a good creative team was formed, and 5 departments were organized: the engineering department of processes mechanization in crop production; the engineering department of cattle-breeding mechanization; the department of selection machinery; the post-harvest grain conditioning department; the department of multiplying and copy machines. The achievements of the bureau’s team became soon widely known all over the country. Delegations from many republics of the Soviet Union often visited the EDB and studied its successful production experience. The first secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union S.I. Manyakin gave a high rating to the company’s team developments and charged production enterprises to replicate them.

Many engineering developments of the EDB went down into the 100-year-old history of the agricultural engineering science, e.g. conveyor rotary milking machines “Omichka”, erosion preventive machines, seed-cleaning and drying compartments for grain handling, selection machines, equipment for the pig complex in Luzino, and others. In many regions of the country cow units for 1200 cows like in Petrovskiy sovkhoz were built, other developments of the EDB were also diffused.

During the time of agricultural development (the 1960-1980s) the EDB met the requirements of the period and  was responsible for new tillage and seeding machines development,  a lot of experimental design works aimed at improving already existing mechanical equipment also took place. Engineering development in tilling the soil before ploughing was especially effective.

At that time complete ploughing up of the fields while virgin land reclamation in Omsk region, as well as in Kazakhstan, led to wind erosion of the soil and diminishing of its fertility. The EDB was working intensively on designing erosion preventive complex of agricultural machinery, applying of which would have decreased loss of soil moisture. There were designed seeding-machines for planting belts of trees and instruments for retention of snow on the fields. In order to diminish losses of moisture while seeding and tilling the soil in the 1970-s there was designed and tested a seeding tillager with distributing width of 6 m, which copied the field surface pattern. After testing of this machine a seeding tillager SKP-6 was designed.

The EDB also kept carrying out works on designing combined aggregates of large distributing width, which are able to implement many operations in one passage and also increase productivity and decrease labour costs per unit of the production received. Much attention was paid to such developments, and in the end of 1980-s there was designed and introduced an aggregate of a large distributing width for intercultivated crops, which substituted use of 6 aggregates at once: 3 seeding-machines SUPN-8 and 3 tillager-cultivators KRN-5.6.

A huge amount of work was done by the department of cattle-breeding mechanization. The engineering developments of this department were widely applied in the farms of the region, for example a plant for application of agrochemicals while laying-in of fodder. In order to facilitate the labour of dairymaids, there was designed and introduced a milking machine “Karusel”, which increased productivity of labour.

According to the engineering documentation provided by the EDB livestock complexes and feed centres were designed and built in some districts of Omsk region, project documentation on reconstruction of livestock houses was developed. The EDB also carried out elaboration and manufacturing of fodder shredders, a green crop harvester was developed.  A huge amount of work was done on developing selection machinery for scientific departments of the Siberian Research and Development Agricultural Institute.
Constantly increasing volume of control samples manufacturing required expanding of experimental production – this is how a new building was constructed, where the Experimental Bureau is now. In the 1980-s projects on oil production were introduced, new tilling elements and machines for industrial technology of growing potato were designed and mass-produced.

In the hard 1990-s relating to perestroika the EDB Director in the most complicated conditions managed to  keep the team and production space. Certainly, it was not easy. In order to keep the team, the company tackled production of structural steel of any type: rubbish bins, grilles, doors, stands, containers, sewage disposal plants, construction machinery etc. During the same period a number of significant developments for the regional Agroindustrial Complex was implemented: a complex of machines for growing potato according to bed technology; a set of chain-harrows «chain-roller» for seeding and tillage machines;  chaffers for such combine harvesters as “Enisey”, “Niva”, “Don”; a set of bread-making equipment and other machinery.

There was established an interaction with Russian machine test stations, including the Siberian machine test station, where 3 or 5 machines of the EDB undergo state testing every year.  A powerful impetus to the development of agricultural machine-building was given by the regional order that had been formed by order of the governor of Omsk region L.K. Polezhaev. In 2000 the region acquired 320 chaffers for combine harvesters from the EDB of the Siberian Agricultural Research and Development Institute, and in 2001 more than 100 tillagers “Stepnyak – 3.8” was purchased. Similar orders were received by the engineering works “Kalachinskiy” and “Sibzavod” (The Siberian works). Only due to this fact these enterprises managed to modernize their production and began manufacturing competitive up-to-date products and expand their market considerably.

In 2000-s the enterprise turned to producing agricultural machinery and equipment. The enterprise has been improving technologies of machinery production: state-of-the-art welding machines KEMPPI are applied for welding frame constructions in the atmosphere of shielding gas, band sawing machines SIRIUS, laser and plasma methods of cutting sheet-metal, forging of sheet-metal, zinc coating of high quality, TIKKURILA painting technology, up-to-date package and so on.
The company begins to actively present its products on exhibitions, demonstrate operation of the machines in the field conditions. The machines are known not only within Omsk region, but also outside the region – the machines produced by the EDB of Siberian Agricultural Research and Development Institute are successfully operating in more than 40 regions of the Russian Federation, also in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, in the Ukraine.

In this period with the support of the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food the following engineering developments were brought to life:  the Chaffer-mixer of  coarse and rich fodder ISGSK-18; the Roller mill PV-1; the Stubble disc seeding-machine SDS-2,1; the Gravitation grain cleaner OZG-30; the Tillagers “Stepnyak” with a working width of 5.6, 7.4 and 10 meters; the Deep tiller RN-4, the Hitch unit for toothed harrows S-14; Selection machines, manual seeders,  head threshers, bundle and sheaf threshers, the laboratory press and others.
During the years of functioning of the company more than 120 patents and certificates of authorship have been received. In 2010 by ruling of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science the EDB of Siberian Agricultural Research and Development Institute was renamed into the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Omsk Experimental Plant” of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science. The FSUE “Omsk Experimental Plant” is a consistently working company. As of today the number of employees is about 100, 65 of them are directly in the production.
The nomenclature of the items produced comprises more than thirty 100% patented names.

As of today Omsk Experimental Plant is manufacturing Chaffers, Tillagers, Deep tillers, selection machinery, cattle-breeding equipment. New projects are also being executed: automated selectionist working place, seeding aggregate MPK-12. 
On order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation a line of machines for seeding process mechanization and tillage on selection and state testing plots is manufactured – a selection seeding machine, a tillager, a disc tiller.

The work on designing and manufacturing of tractor-dragged tiller with the working width of 6 meters for power supplied tractors is nearing completion.
Serious developments in cattle-breeding are in the company’s plans. The enterprise pursues a serious workforce policy – at the enterprise there is a production laboratory of Omsk State Agricultural University, where students of the Engineering Institute can be trained.
Omsk experimental plant actively participates in social and political life of either the country or the region, making a real contribution in fulfillment of the task of national importance –production development.  
On the 30th of July 2010 the Training conference on the regional agricultural machine-building celebrated the 45th anniversary of the EDB of the Siberian Agricultural Research and Development Institute.